The Report of the Kyoto Meeting On December 2017 (The First Part)


On December 10 2017, in Kyoto in Kansai region, the Kyoto meeting was held grandly. Following Awaji and Kosaka in Osaka, this was the third time to hold in Kansai region. Fellow members in Kyoto had voiced strong wish that the meeting would be held, and it came true. On the very day of the meeting, it was clear and nice day, and many fellow members joined the meeting. The venue was brimming with vigor and energy.

After the first part of the meeting, the second part began. Everyone moved chairs and made a big circle. Then, the discussion meeting, where everyone can talk openly and freely, was kicked off. (This part became a routine of our meetings.) Nowadays, local organizations have no atmosphere to voice their questions or worries honestly, and many members can consult to nobody and suffers a lot without being noticed. Everyone seeks a place where they can talk openly and freely.

Mr. A, who joined our meeting for the first time, raised his hand and said “These days, I think the policies of the New Komei party are something wrong. So are the contents of the announcement made by the Soka Gakkai sbout the policies. By the way, frankly speaking, do you know how Ikeda sensei has been?”
Mr. A thought of Ikeda sensei, so it was natural for him to have the question. Noguchi answered “Honestly speaking, I am not sure of the truth because we have no connection with the Soka Gakkai headquarters now.”

In the Seikyo Newspaper and other publication, we always find the guidance of Ikeda sensei. So, many members believe that Ikeda sensei is capable and works hard, and has approved of the way of the management of the top leaders (The chief is President Harada.) However, is it true that Ikeda sensei approved of the top leaders? The Harada administration decided to exclude “the Gohonzon whose origin is 1279” from the subject of from the subject of owning without sufficient explanation even though Ikeda sensei had developed doctrines and principles regarding the Gohonzon. Since then, the Harada administration amended doctrines and guidelines of the Soka Gakkai every year, and on the November of the last year, they established sneakingly “The Soka Gakkai Constitution” while quite a many members did not notice the movement of the establishment.” As a result, the power of SGI such as money and the personnels concentrated in President Harada. The Harada administration started creating the authoritative and self-righteous structure in the Soka Gakkai.

Moreover, in contrast to the order of Ikeda sensei “Do not change only the Article 9, definitely,” the Harada administration did not say against the New Komei party though the party adopted a different interpretation of the Article 9 and enacted the interpretation in the Diet. What the Harada administration did was to defend the New Komei party and to make an announcement as following “We (the Soka Gakkai) know that the New Komei party made an effort to maintain the pacifism of the Article 9.” I say this is opposed to the guidance of Ikeda sensei, and the act of betraying Ikeda sensei.

Additionally, although the Soka Gakkai is based on the spirit of dialogue, the headquarters interrogate, punish,
and exclude members forcibly who suggest their constructive ideas, humbly but desperately for the development of the Soka Gakkai. If Ikeda sensei know it, Ikeda sensei will not accept the burnup of the Harada administration, never ever!

Noguchi exclaimed with conviction “I think it does not matter whether the health condition of Ikeda sensei is good or not. Now, the Harada administration is out of control. The thing is his disciples stand up, making the heart of Ikeda sensei as their own.”

Then, Mr. A talked about his determination, saying “Ikeda sensei is not a superman. So, he will also pass away someday. Until now, Ikeda sensei has told us “I will count on you!”like a thousand times. Then, I think I am put to the test now.” I think that Ikeada sensei is incapable to acknowledge the current social and political situation. I do not think that Ikeda sensei is not a mentor who is just watching his disciples suffering, in order to wait for his disciples to stand up. I am convinced that if Ikeda sensei knew the situation of members suffered by the Harada administration, Ikedea sensei will scold at them furiously, and kick them out from the Soka Gakkai, where the three mentors had established together with ordinary people!

Next, Ms. B, a youth member, said “Now is the time that each member is put to the test of how to live as a person. And, I think it is the most important now to “tell the truth.” I have dialogue with my mother, and she said “It is something wrong.” When a poster of the New Komei party almost came off the wall, she said “Take it off. Do not leave it halfway.” I‘m certain that more and more members in local organizations feels “The approach of the New Komei party to elections is wrong!” I want to raise my voice again and again. I think this is the struggle which we should take on!”

Her strong determination brought applause to the hole. The New Komei party is a party which Ikeda sensei gave all to establishing. Of course, we would like to give all to supporting the New Komei party only if the party set right agendas for the happiness of people and peace. However, the party forsook the faith and carries the water of the Liberal Democratic party in order to survive. We cannot support such a party. This is our crying of justice.

Next, Mr. C, who came to the venue the earliest, rose to his feet and and said with smile “When I was a chapter leader, I asked a senior leader who visited “Could you possibly direct a song of the Soka Gakkai?” Then, an assistant leader stopped me and said “It is kind of rude of you to ask it.” Everyone thinks leaders are something. So, everyone tend to think “We should behave to leaders this way or that way. Originally, leaders have to serve members. However, leaders were mistaken about themselves. The voice of Mr. C was getting stronger and stronger. Mr. C continued “Ikeda sensei will also pass away someday. The thing is what Ikeda sensei has told us. It does not matter how Ikeda sensei is. The important thing is we each(his disciples)stand up, risk our lives, and polish the way of living thoroughly. So, what we should do is to cause, expand the waves of “the transformation of the Soka Gakkai”, and make a solidarity, without forming just an organization.”

Ms. D, who sitting next to Mr. C, was moved and said, being choked “My life had its ups and downs. Who supported me in difficulty were members. So, I think that if I had not been a member of the Soka Gakkai, I would not be who I am now. I have faced many difficulties, and it was my fellow members who encouraged and supported me in each occasion. So, the organization of the Soka Gakkai is absolutely necessary! We live in the aging society, and some live alone. So, the Soka Gakkai, where everybody support each other, is very important. However, some senior leaders do bad things. I felt contradictory when I compare cultural centers which uses as much as money, with members in local districts who give monetary contribution while cutting down on their spendings. Even so, leaders spur them to give more and more, which made us distrustful. I would like leaders to change it.”

The cry of a single woman moved attendants. Everyone loves the Soka Gakkai when Ikeda sensei was seen in public. So, they hope strongly to get back the Soka Gakkai.

“In the Soka Gakkai, protagonists are ordinary people, forever!” “Kick out arrogant leaders!” Members want to follow the guidance of Ikeda sensei, so they raise their voice, welling up courage.

The Soka Gakkai embodies Kosen-rufu(the propagation of the Mythic Law), and it is life itself and the driving force to establish the world peace and the happiness of people. There is no organization which has a grand mission. (The guidance of Ikeda sensei)

I hope that those who follows our steps safeguard and develop the lofty spirit of the mentor-and the disciples and the Soka Gakkai, where the three founders had established. (The guidance of Ikeda sensei)

It is clear that Ikeda sensei hope for the eternal development of the Soka Gakkai. However, the spirit of the three founders are being broken gradually. In that situation, the mission of his disciples is to raise our voice from the down to the up, and get the Soka Gakkai back to the one, a right and sacred organization brimming with the faith! The development of the Soka Gakkai depends on us, disciples of Ikeda sensei.

The Report of the Fukuoka Meeting on September 23 2017 (The Fourth Part)


It was a discussion meeting with like-minded members who gathered in Fukuoka to transform the Soka Gakkai. The time flied that everyone had talked freely about their own feelings and thoughts.
Ms. I, who listened carefully to others, started talking powerfully, saying “In the last Tokyo election, in a district meeting, I declared “I will not support the New Komei party any longer.” Ms. I had supported the New Komei party for long time. According to Ms. I, she went around and around and asked her friends, both including the Soka Gakkai members and not, to vote for the New Komei party. However, since it came to light that the New Komei party derailed from the founding principle, Ms. I pondered over and over. Then, she decided not to support any longer. Ms. I, a sincere member, thought “I have to explain clearly to friends who I have asked to vote for the New Komei party why I decided not to vote.” This was the debt of the responsibility which the person who had fought desperately must feel. Having made a determination, Ms. I thought the best way, to let her friends know about the activities aimed for the transformation of the Soka Gakkai, was have them see the activities with their own eyes. So, Ms. I asked her friends to join Fukuoka meeting. Then, her friend did in response to her sincerity.

What great power of actions and great belief she has. Other than this, she took on struggle in her district as follows; she consulted and talked to a senior leader, one of her friend in her district, about her honest feeling that she had worried about the recent New Komei party, which had gone wrong. Then, the leader, her friend, introduced a prefectural leader to Ms. I. A few days later, Ms. I met the prefectural leader in person and asked honestly “Is the Conspiracy Law truly necessary?” Then, the prefectural leader gave Ms. I a strange answer. In the meeting, Ms. I continued to speak “Surprisingly, the prefectural leader told me “Ms. I. What would you do if terrorists came into this room? As for me, I would shot and kill them to protect you. I would shot them with a machine gun.” Attendants were shocked and said “What?” “What did the leader mean with “to shot and kill”?” Ms. I continued “Because I am a believer of the Mythic Law, if I were put in such a situation, I would say “Stop it” at first. And I would have dialogue and listen to their side of the story. If they did not stop and try to shot, I would shot their legs or else before being killed. I would find out a way not to kill. I understand because leaders are responsible for the lives of members. However, Ikeda sensei would not tell us “Shot and kill the terrorists”, definitely.

Listening and nodding, Mr. D said “Hearing the story like this, the spirit of the mentor and the disciples is really important, I think. I always attempt to put myself in the shoes of Ikeda sensei. And I said to myself “If I were Ikeda sensei, what would I do then?” In my opinion, the person who has the spirit of the mentor and the disciples would draw a conclusion; not to shot and kill but to think “If I were Ikeda sensei, what would I do?”
It is right. It cannot be true that Ikeda sensei would come up with the idea “to shot and kill.” It is not difficult to imagine that way. We will get to the answer with a bit thinking.

Next, Mr. J nodded and shared his thought “First of all, the example which the prefectural leader used is weird. Ikeda sensei emphasized repeatedly “the century of dialogue” in order not to create such a situation. The object of politics should be to support this. Ikeda sensei created the New Komei party and prioritize dialogue with perseverance not to create such a horrible situation. I think the foundation of the faith lies here. In spite, the leader used the example. I say “How stupid you are! Why did you say what if terrorists rushed into this room!” Attendants gave applause to Mr. D in agreement.

Next, Mr. K, who was a leader in the front line of his district, started talking; “A top leader of Kyushu region joined a leader’s meeting and talked about the Security policy. The leader used the following example. “(Do you know) why gangs are afraid of the police? This is because the police have guns. That is why gangs also have guns.” Mr. K thought the example to justify that gangs own guns is not right. Then, Mr. K asked to a leader, his acquaintance, “I wondered what the leader talked about was wrong. However, that leader also said to Mr. K “If your family was shot by terrorists, you would get a gun, right?” Mr. K answered immediately “No, I would not.”
What on earth did happen to the Soka Gakkai? I wonder why the leaders base on the situation where we had guns. I cannot help feeling that the heart of accepting dispute and armament leads to warfares. The Soka Gakkai and the New Komei party approved of the Security policy, which made a more horrible scenario reality.
Mr. K declared “When speaking about the Security policy in his lecture in a foreign university , Ikeda sensei quoted a story of Shakuson, saying “Two villages have dispute over the concession of a river and consequently the both take weapons. Then, Shakuson intervened the dispute and said “You (the two villages) should throw away weapons and have dialogue.”This guidance is left in a book as the evidence of words.
Hearing the story, the leaders just answered “That is a old guidance.” However, can we categorize the guidance from the old ones to the new ones? We cannot. To justify the wrong bills, the guidance which leader give to members got worse and worse as well. It is a kind of mind control. So, I feel sorry members believe blindly what leaders say.”
Even the general guidance of Ikeda sensei was regarded as “old ones” by the leaders. I have to say it is clear that the leaders in the front line are being arrogant and lacking the spirit of the mentor and his disciples. However, the root cause of the deterioration of districts is the deterioration of the headquarters, especially President Harada, who strayed from the path of the thoughts and the spirit of the three founders. We have to inscribe this.

Moreover, when the security bills were put before the diet, Mr. K told a senior leader, welling up courage “I am against the Security bills.” Then, the senior leader said “Please don’t.” Even so, Mr. K did not bend his faith, and said “Personally speaking, I won’t vote for the New Komei party. But I will lead the district as a leader.” One attendant asked to Mr. K “Then, Were you demoted from a leader?” “No, I wasn’t. Because there was no alternate leader in my district.” Mr. K said, considering the present fact of his district. According to Mr. K, now, in districts, leaders do not put the guidance of Ikeda sensei into practice, so leaders were not fostered enough to take responsibility for the future of the Soka Gakkai, sadly speaking. It is painful fact that the Soka Gakkai, where Ikeda sensei established its foundation, is on the way of corruption.

The little time left until the meeting was over. Then, Ms. L and Ms. M, who were the mother and her daughter, spoke about their experiences. It was the first time for them to join our meeting. Ms. L said “I and my daughter were banned by the headquarters to go to meetings. Surprisingly, Ms. L and Ms. M were prohibited to be involved in the Soka Gakkai activities. Ms. L continued “A staff member came to my house from the headquarters and told my daughter not to. But, my daughter has strong sense of justice and talked about her honest feeling. That is considered to be “complaints against thee headquarters.” I had been a leader in my district for around 30 years. But the position of the leader was given to another person, automatically. Now, I feel that they did this forcibly. Also, I had been a deliverer of the Seikyo Newspaper. But I was told “We will have another person to deliver the newspaper from the next Monday. So you are ok not to do.” It was the Friday.” “What!?” Attendants said in surprise to know the treatment against Ms. L, a contributor to the Soka Gakkai. Ms. L continued “Because we were told like that, we cannot be involved in the Soka Gakkai activities. Leaders also told us “Join discussion meetings outside this area” “When you want to join the General Satellite meetings, you must go to the other regions.” So, now, we go to another region to join General Satellite meetings.” “Great!” said attendants, hearing about the tenacious struggle to seek Ikeda sensei in a single-minded way. However, cannot the headquarters take any other response? Wasn’t the fundamental spirit of the Soka Gakkai “dialogue”?

According to Ms. L and Ms. M, they were not beaten, brought “The Assertion of the Three Soka Gakkai Staff against the Soka Gakkai in Real Names”, and talked about the deterioration of the headquarters.”
Ms. L said “The leader is sincere and serious, so he thinks by doing what he is told, he can change his karma and accumulate fortune. That makes him difficult to understand me.”But I have to continue to tell him.”
Lastly, Ms. L talked about her determination, saying “I cannot let it through! The time will come that they will understand us! I will prove the truth! My determination is not swayed to chant daimoku , show an actual evidence, and let people around me know the truth!

Also, Ms. M started talking, saying “About a half year before I was punished, I had been bullied heavily by my district; People in my district had placed strong pressure on me not to join meetings. Even so, I continued to go to meetings.” Attendants voiced “Great!” The voice of Ms. M was getting stronger and stronger. Ms. M claimed “It was like sitting on thorns. They put so strong pressure on us not to participate in meetings. As I said before, headquarters staff members came to my house and prohibited us to be involved in the Soka Gakkai activities. In spite, I am able to join the General Satellite meetings and discussion meetings. I am determined to go to the two kinds of meetings, no matter what.”
Attendants gave applause to the mother and her daughter, who had fought with undaunted spirit. Hearing the talk, Mr. J said “It is like the symphony of co-struggle of the parent and the child.” I think such a strong bond is happiness itself. That is the true comradeship. The parent and the child just use the temporary existence in presence, but actually they have fought together during the three existence straight. Hearing that, they smiled and looked at each other. Ms. L said bravely “Let’s fight and win together!” Ms. M followed and said “Today is the day for the new start!” Her voice was brimming with delight. The meeting was closed with the crying of determination of Ms. F, who had encountered difficulties and had fought without being defeated. The lives of the two were shining beautifully.

Now, in the front lines, those who has fought sincerely with the guidance of Ikeda sensei inscribed in their hearts encounter persecution by the instructions of the top leaders in the headquarters. The deterioration and corruption of the headquarters are clearly seen. Then, the true disciples of Ikeda sensei following path of the three founders, have to stand up and bring the Soka Gakkai back on the right and just path! Let’s practice the teachings, “when one practices the Lotus Sutra under such circumstances, difficulties will arise, and these are to be looked on as “peaceful” practices” “To live like a lotus blooming in the mad water.” We are determined that we will make the next year (2018) the decisive one for the transformation of the Soka Gakkai!

The Report of the Fukuoka Meeting on September 23 2017 (The Third Part)

Ms.F, who listened to others’ stories, started talking; “To tell the truth, my house is used as a venue for meetings. But, we have meetings very often, and women division members stays at my home until 9 p.m, and they do not care about it. Members who let the organization use their house as a venue have a big burden. Many of the attendants were listening to Ms. F with indignant feelings. Then, Ms. F said “I think since the headquarters rejected the Gohonzon written in 1279, the Soka Gakkai derailed and have gone in a wring direction.” Now, across Japan , like Ms. F, many members tilted their heads in question because the headquarters have not provided enough explanation about “the amendment of the doctrines.” The headquarters rejected the Gohonzon written in 1279, without proper purpose and explanation. Plus, they changed the doctrines as follows; Any Gohonzons are acceptable as far as they were written by Nichiren. Consequently, it caused a not preferable situation where new guidelines do not agree with the guidances of the three mentors of the Soka Gakkai. Then, many sincere members are puzzled and became suspicious of the Soka Gakkai. Among them, some forsook the Mythic Law. The responsibility of the headquarters, especially the top leaders is huge.

Ms. F graduated from the Soka University. Then, Ms. F signed a statement issued by the Group of the Soka University and the Soka Women’s College against the Security policy when the Security bills was brought before the Diet.
Ms. F exclaimed “I cannot disclose that I have signed the statement against the Security Bills. Even if I said so to leaders, they are not willing to listen to my story. I feel that your passion “to change the Soka Gakkai” is really great! I think the spirit of the three to return to the headquarters and “change the Soka Gakkai” is incredible!” Ms. F is also great because she herself let members to use her house and struggle as a central person. Moreover, she had joined the Kyushu meeting out of anxiety, welling up courage.
Kodaira told Ms. F “Let’s fight together!” Then Ms. F smiled. After that, an attendant mentioned “It may be bothering to say, to tell the truth, my house is also a venue. Another attendant said “As a matter of the fact, my house is a venue, too.” One and another attendant disclosed like that. “Great!” Everyone was impressed and started laughing. Many attendants were the central persons in districts and let members to use their own house as venues. Attendants were delighted to know that the massive tsunami to transform the Soka Gakkai is coming.

The next person who spoke was Ms. G. she said “I attempted to compare Human Revolution in wide version and the one in original version. And I have finished it.” Attendants were surprised and said “Wow! That’s great!” Ms. G looked through the paper which she had brought and started talking about the impression of comparing the two versions. “It is said the Human Revolution is revised considering cult problems and the discovery of the historical new fact. However, it is not true, actually. It was revised to avoid being criticized from many sides, to exclude those who were excommunicated from the Soka Gakkai, and to make the Soka Gakkai fit in the present guidelines.” According to Ms. G, the details were as follows.
① “To avoid being criticized from many sides” means that, for example, in the revised Human Revolution, the scenes, where Toda sensei smoke or drank, were almost all deleted. Plus, the names such as Sambo Sitsutyo “Assistant Chief of the Staff” was rewritten to “the Assistant Chief of the youth men division”, which sounds strange.
② “The exclusion of members who are excommunicated” means the Seikyo Newspaper started attempting that the names such as “Yukio Ishikawa”, “Kinya Takimoto”, “Kazumasa Fujikawa” are hardly used except for necessary scenes.
③ “To make the Soka Gakkai fit in the present guidelines” can be explained with an example as follows. In the original edition of Human Revolution Volume 2, Chapter 1 “Mountains and Rivers,” some sentences about Gohonzon are rewritten.
Msi. G concluded with conviction “The content of Human Revolution Volume 2, Chapter 1 “Mountains and Rivers” was changed to the one used in “the complete work of Daisaku Ikeda (Volume 144).” In short, the headquarters started steering the organization and have worked on the revision of guidelines of Gohonzon steadily.” Attendants said in surprise “Really?” Then, they agreed and said “It totally right!”

Next, Mr. H said “I will talk from totally different viewpoint.” He held “The Assertion of the Soka Gakkai in the Real Names” in his hand. “Reading this book, I thought this is definitely true. In the book the truth is written, and now the importance of compliance is highly publicized. And, (the compliance of) the Soka Gakkai is not formed well. “Is it true to punish the three with such reasons?” “Can it be true?” The story made me think like that. Plus, the three have fought with honesty, which made me sympathize with them.”

According to Mr. H, the last year, Mr. H read our book. He came to Takigawa’s house all the way and had dialogue with us. Mr. H said “I have been a members of the Soka Gakkai for 30 years. But I try to think like “This is the first year.” I don’t like scholars because they say “If Japan is peaceful, the numbers of nuclear weapons will be reduced” which sounds irresponsible for me. It is ok if they convince China or the North Korea, saying “Have a constitution like Japan.” But they do not take any actions. I think that we can keep the right (freedom) of religion on the condition that we have a open and free but practical discussion. What I feel angry the most is the New Komei party do not explain even when something to bring a great change happens. The New Komei party avoid their responsibility without explaining and showing their interpretation on problems like “We did this, so this is consistent” “The faith is right.” But when I talk about things like this in discussion meetings in my district, everyone frowned.”

Hearing what Mr. H talked, attendants sympathized with Mr. H and laughed. Lastly, Mr. H spoke “Now I feel really good to join this meeting today. Coming to this meeting, this was a good and humorous meeting. As for me, I approve of the revision of the constitution (article 9), But you fight earnestly. So, I really empathize you all. I will continue to support you.”

The Soka Gakkai should be a place where everyone can talk freely. However, after Ikeda sensei was not seen in public, the Soka Gakkai, especially the top people started telling “Confine your statement to this one.” If members have different ideas and say them, they were labeled as “members of the Communist party.” It totally runs counter to the spirit of Ikeda sensei, who cherished and encouraged every single member.

Ikeda sensei always told his disciples “It is ok to have different ideas.” “You should think by yourself at first. Then, with your ideas on the basis, share what you think is right. Additionally, have discussion and reach an integrated and better idea.” As Ikeda sensei said, it is our responsibility to make the Soka Gakkai the place, where everyone can share their opinions freely. The time has come that his disciples will create the Soka Gakkai, which is filled with delight and smile.

The time flied that everyone had talked freely. Symbolized by humor and tears, here was “the world of the Soka Gakkai, which was straightforward and made by ordinary people. The faces of attendants were lively and filled with hope and delight.

The Report of the Fukuoka Meeting on September 23 2017 (The Second Part)


The next person, who spoke, was Mr. D. He said “I was a chapter leader in the youth division. Since then, I have not trusted the Soka Gakkai. The reason is as follows. The recorded number of the members in my district was about one hundred, and we had an election, which was a big struggle for us. We visited members from door to door every day. I wanted to see them, so I prayed. But I could not see them at all. However, when the election was over, the number of members who voted for the New Komei party was considered to be 100%. I thought “What’s going on?”, so I asked to a chapter women division leader and a chapter men division leader “What’s going on?” “Have you seen the members?” Then, they said “Let’s accept it with the faith.””

Attendants laughed. There is nothing but to laugh. It is just “cheating.” Nowadays, the New Komei Party cannot win elections. It is natural that they cannot win as long as leaders make false reports. Leaders in the front line are exhausted. Mr. D proclaimed “I felt really angry to hear about such a false report because I had prayed earnestly(to see members). “Why did they do such a thing? They should be true to themselves.” Since then, I started keeping away from the Soka Gakkai.” According to Mr. D, he pondered over and over.

Mr. D continued “When I went to zadankai (discussion meetings,) The program of zadankais was always the same. And it might not be good to say, but the flow of zadankais were always not different, and in the end leaders spoke meaninglessly. If you ask me, I would like everyone to talk more.” “That’s right!” Attendants empathized. Mr. D continued “When the power of the collective defense force and Security Policy were debated heatedly, I was in question (for the attitude of the New Komei Party.) For example, if someone pointed a gun at you, it is not right to point back at them, I think. As for me, it is applied to the case of the right to exercise the collective defense force and the Conspiracy Law. I felt so badly that I consulted to many people. However, in the same boat as you, I was always told “You luck the faith.” Attendants sighed. What on earth has happened to the Soka Gakkai? Why can they regard “to have questions” as “to lack the faith?” The Buddhism teaches “”Not to be doubtful is considered to be belief.” Needless to say, these words did not encourage you to believe blindly(without questioning) or to believe insanely. Rather, by being true to themselves and having questions, we can deepen “study” among “faith, practice, and study.” Then, “deepened study” supports “deepened faith.”

Lastly, Mr. D exclaimed with determination “On the New Year’s Day of the last year, I thought I should not be like this any longer and made a determination to change myself. Then, I started to chant daimoku for at least one hour every day without fail. When chanting daimoku for one hour, I get time to think deeply. I also get an enlightenment. Then, it occurred to me that I should stand up, well up courage, and as a result joined this meeting alone today. I seek Ikeda sensei and think that I will live with the thought of “humanism” and “spirit of dialogue.” Also, I thought I wanted to do what I can do because we live in the world of chaos, so I joined this meeting.” Hearing the determination of Mr. D to stand by himself, attendants applauded Mr. D.

Next, Ms. E spoke about her experience. According to Ms. E, when Ms. E became over 20 years old, there was an election. Ms. E was engaged in activities for the election for the first time. However, Ms. E exerted herself too much, and Ms.E was exhausted mentally. Then, gradually, Ms. E fell into depression. Her husband was a not a member of the Soka Gakkai, and criticized the Soka Gakkai frequently. On each occasion, Ms. E tried to solve his misunderstanding desperately. Ms. E had a quarrel with her husband, but he did not become a person who understood her and her faith. The situation was not turned around and went on. Ms. E stopped sitting in front of the alter and also stopped going to her district organization about more than 10 years ago. It was then that Ms. E found the blog of the three former Soka Gakkai staff.

Ms. E said “I had consulted to my mother, and she said to me “I hope you will have a good senior or good person who sympathize you.” But I just said “Hum, I’m not sure.” Then, I thought I could not figure it out. Then, I encountered the blog, and what I had felt was similar to the content of the blog. In the blog, I found the words “You should create the Soka Gakkai, which you feel content with.” Reading such message, I thought “That’s the thing!” I have to fight up to the content that I feel fulfilled.” After reading the blog, I became very energetic and even started to work.”

Hearing the story of Ms. E, who had overcame difficulties and struggles and joined this meeting today, some members had tears in their eyes. Lastly, Ms. E talked about her determination; “I could not do gongyo at all, but now I can. Hearing the story of everyone, especially the one of chanting daimoku for one hour everyday without fail, I will do it again since I came here with the determination!” The eyes of Ms. E, who overcame the difficulty, were sparking with determination. Her story caused waves of applause in the hole.

I cannot help feeling that the Soka Gakkai have changed to an organization where members are not allowed to think by themselves and speak up. Members are urged to adjust themselves to the organization. However, some found themselves not to be able to do it. Everybody struggles within themselves. Ikeda sensei declared one thing that we must keep our mind; “You yourself must live your lives to content that you feel you are fulfilled.”

“You uphold the faith to be convinced with.“
In order to get back the Soka Gakkai, the one full of delight with the faith, as Ikeda sensei had established before, one and another Bodhisattva of the Earth” stand up across Japan. The spirit of disciples of Ikeda sensei in Kyushu, who fight with the thought of “the mentor and his disciples,” is increasingly framed.

The Report of the Fukuoka Meeting on September 23 2017


On September 23 2017, under the clear sky, in a venue near Hakata station in Fukuoka prefecture, the Kyushu-Fukuoka meeting was held magnificently. 30 minutes before the meeting started, when we arrived in front of the venue, there were three members at the bench outside who had joined the Okayama meeting. They were waiting for the time to start. We were pleased to see again and our conversation bloomed like a flower.

In the first part of the meeting, Ms. A, who who had fought together with us since we started our blog, spoke about her experience of the faith, with Ikeda sensei in her heart. We found that Ms. A had fought perseveringly. After the speech, the applause to the moving story of Ms. A did not stop.
Then, the time to talk openly and freely had come. Everyone had been waking for the time. The first person who talked was Mr. B, who participated in this meeting for the first time. With smile, Mr. B started talking with the material in his hand, which had made by himself. “Hello. I am very happy to talk in such a great occasion. My name is Mr. B. Today, I came here with Mr. C. Mr. C was in the senior men group and had lived in the same neighbor as me until one year and four months ago. We came to know this meeting was going to be held through the blog of the Three Former Soka Gakkai Staff. So, we joined. We needed courage to do so, but we did not want to die with regret. So we came here today. We thought if we had not come here, we would regret now. In that case I might die near future.” Hearing the humorous talk of Mr. B, attendants laughed, and somebody mentioned warmly “It’s too early!” The voice of Mr. B got stronger. Mr. B continued to talk; “As you know, Ikeda sensei retired from the President of the Soka Gakkai on April 24 1979. 20 years later, since May 3 1999, the Seikyo Newspaper has carried “New Human Revolution” focused on the retirement of Ikeda sensei four times (64, 77, 79, 80, 146, 1479.)”

In an essay on May 1 1999, Ikeda sensei talked about his feeling about the retirement in 1979. The title was “The sprit of the mentor and his disciples-Dai-Kansai-To win without fail-Kinnshu castle.” Ikeda sensei mentioned “The conspiracy scheme has already started to remove me and take over the Soka Gakkai.” Also, in another essay, Ikeda sensei declared “How poor the executives are. I really felt angry to see their cowardly attitude. They forgot their responsibility even though they made me retire.” Mr. B continued “Generally speaking, Ikeda sensei talked about the cowardliness of his disciples, which means Ikeda sensei could not foster his disciples enough. So it disgraces Ikeda sensei. However, Ikeda sensei decided to write about his retirement in “New Human Revolution.” Why is it? I think he wanted to leave the truth of his retirement to the disciples in next generations as an evidence.”

As Mr. B were talking like that, we cannot help feeling that in order for everyone to know well, Ikeda sensei wanted to inscribe on the history “the truth of his retirement of the Soka Gakkai President in 1979”, in other wards, “the history of betrayal of the top leaders in the headquarters.” So Ikeda sensei wrote it in “New Human Revolution.” In Gosho, it is written that those who uphold the Mythic Law properly encounter unfair persecution from “the evil spirit of authority” without fail. Ikeda sensei also proclaimed that as the Soka Gakkai becomes bigger and gains authority, some top leaders will be tempted by the power of authority, and get out of control. He might want to leave message to his disciples in next generations like “Many will be effected and defeated by the self-weakness (evil functions) in their hearts. As a result, they will get out of the right path and betray their mentor.

The starting point of the faith of Mr. B, who is honest and sincere, was the 11th General Student Division Meeting in 1968, in which it was announced that the diplomatic ties between Japan and China was restored. Then, Mr. B made the brave announcement of Ikeda sensei his personal principle for life. Since then for 46 years, with the guiding principle for life, he had been engaged in the Soka Gakkai activities in the garden of the Soka Gakkai vigorously. However, on July 1 2014, the bill of the right to exercise the collective defense force was passed, and on November 8, the Seikyo Newspaper carried the article of the amendment of the guidelines and the doctrine of the Soka Gakkai. This was the crucial trigger for Mr. B to be suspicious of the New Komei Party and the top leaders of the Soka Gakkai. According to Mr. B, since then, he began checking and making sure what the top leaders told or ordered was in accordance to thee guidance of Ikeda sensei or not. Moreover, Mr. B started researching the past of the Soka Gakkai and the New Komei Party. Consequently, Mr. B found that the forth, the fifth and President Harada, the sixth president, worked out many plans, but some of them deviated from the teaching of Ikeda sensei. Mr. B talked regretfully, biting his lip “Looking back the days since 46 years ago, thinking about my faith, I am really angry at myself. When Ikeda sensei retired from the president, I could not respond properly. I am really disappointed with myself because I could not recognize the greatness of Ikeda sensei at that time.” Attendants applauded Mr. B, who talked about his strong feeling sincerely and honestly.

Next, Mr. C, who came with Mr. B, started talking. According to Mr. C, living as a Soka Gakkai member for 44 years, he had something that she wanted to talk about. Mr. C said “These days, I strongly felt that the current Soka Gakkai was doing in totally opposite way to the guidance of Ikeda sensei. This is because members do not carry out the supreme right to “think by themselves”, I think. When members in my district were asked “For what are you involved in the activities for the election?” They just said “I do.” Some even answered without thinking “I do not give it thought.” I think everyone do not think by themselves at all.” It .is very scary. Eichmann in Nazis said “I do not think about the holocaust.” I think what Eichmann said is very scary. He did it because he did not think anything at all by himself.”

It is said that Eichmann, who was the director of a Nazis concentration camp called Auschwitz, was an ordinary person. He just followed the orders of Adolf Hitler, submissively. To conclude, it is acknowledged that the lack of thoughts such as “not thinking” and “not feeling” caused such an unprecedented genocide.
Mr. C declared “Since the last year, I have checked the blog of the three former Soka Gakkai staff and I sent letters about the three to the Soka Gakkai headquarters. To tell the truth, a member asked me “Did the three do something terrible since they had been fired?” Then, I did not know what the truth was. So I wrote the letters, saying “I have responsibility to explain about the thing clearly. Please answer to my questions, sir.” Still, there is no response. Plus, I wrote letters to New Komei party. In the letter, I asked what was going on about the right to exercise collective defense force. However, I have got no answer to the question. I’m not sure I should call this peace-addicted or indifference. They just have ignored me.

This is really scary. Staff members ignored the questioning of members-They should explain clearly if they are not doubtful! For what on earth do the Soka Gakkai headquarters exist? Many attendants were listening to what the current Soka Gakkai head quarters were like, tilting their heads. The Fukuoka meting in Kyushu were getting more and more heated.


The Three Former Soka Gakkai Staff

Author:The Three Former Soka Gakkai Staff
Shuichi Kodaira; graduated from Soka high school in March 1995
graduated from Soka University in March 1999
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 1999
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014

Kiyoshi Takigawa; graduated from Soka University in March 2000
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 2000
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014

Yusuke Noguch; graduated from Tokai University in March 2002
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 2002
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014


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