No.1 The True Nature of the Headquarter of Soka Gakkai, Where Report Does Not Reach Ikeda Sensei. (June 2002-October 2012)

Now, there are Soka Gakkai members who struggle desperately and raise their voices to champion the spirits of “mentor and disciple”. The response of the headquarter of Soka Gakkai to the movement was as following:“We have not permitted the movement of Soka Gakkai members holding meetings against the Security Bills.”and “We feel extremely regrettable that they use the name of Soka Gakkai and the symbol of Soka Gakkai, the three colors.” We think,however,that it is ordinary Soka Gakkai members who fought with Ikeda sensei in heart that supported and made it possible that the current Komei lawmakers were to be elected.

Soka Gakkai members are raising their voices with courage. It is totally heartless to ignore them. It seemed that the spirits of Ikeda sensei was gone far away. It’s not true, I believe. Ikeda sensei is watching us, now, and also in the future. He is watching how we do justice, and the way we struggle, eternally. I will fight, fight to fulfill the vow with Ikeda sensei.

The most serious problem was that we could not reach Ikeda sensei (we were not be able to report the truth of the scandal to Ikeda sensei). In June 26 2002, Ikeda sensi provided all Soka Gakkai staff with guidance: “Please let me know if there is a corrupted staff.” Also he mentioned that now work in Soka Gakkai became mechanical and routine. Another guidance of his was “Female youth devision members should say critical opinions.” “Send me letters, which is based on truth. If I found the report something false, I don’t trust it.” In addition, in regard to corruptions of Soka Gakkai staff, he told us “If there was something wrong, please visit the vice-administrator, Mr. Hasegawa. Then, he will report the matter to me. I will look into the problem. However, if I found the report false, I have to punish you severely, because, otherwise, it is not fair.” Then, we saw Mr. Hasegawa on the stage, who was assigned the important task, rising to his feet and saying “Yes!” Ikeda sensei worried about its organizational management structure, where, the executives might hide important information or reports from him.Because of this, Ikeda sensei told every staff to report him if a scandal unfolded or a problem occurred.(In reality, as Ikeda sensei was anxious, the flaw of the organizational management structure came out when an executive in the headquarter caused a scandal and was dismissed owing to the relationship with a woman.) Then, Ikeda sensei created a post to report an internal problem or scandal to him. However, as Ikeda sensei warned us, reporting a scandal or internal problem to Mr. Hasegawa was something we could not do without giving our lives for it.
We came across a serious internal problem of Soka Gakkai, on which we could not turn blind eyes. Reporting to Ikeda sensei was dogged by sleepless internal struggle to make decision to report the matter to Mr. Hasegawa. We were almost overwhelmed by the pressure. Nevertheless, we thought that if we turned blind eyes on the issue, it meant that we broke the vow of disciples with Ikeda sensei. We chanted Daimoku earnestly and like endlessly. Then, we came to the decision to tell the truth to Mr. Hasegawa. We, with tremulous feet, visited Mr. Hasegawa. However, what he told us was“Don’t take advantage of Ikeda sensei” “What if somebody saw me and you talking?” “Now, I can have a chat like this with you because Mr. B vise-president and the president are not here. However, if they were here, I could not talk even like this.” He just tried to protect his position, and turned down the report. Giving up means we go for death. Then, we took actions to report the scandal of executives and the internal problem of Soka Gakkai to Ikeda sensei. However, the audit committee of Soka Gakkai regarded the movement of reporting to Ikeda sensei as the reasons to dismiss us.

 The Contents of the Report to Ikeda Sensei Which We Had Attempted to Make.

What we attempted to report to Ikeda sensei was the true nature of the disciplinary inquiry which we had came to know, by the audit committee (Kansa Iinkai) of Soka Gakkai which the president Harada was in charge of.(The audit committee is supposed to deal with the problems happening within the community of Soka Gakkai not within the corporation of Soka Gakkai.)The inquiries took place in April 29 2008 (the day for inquiring) and May 22-24 2008(The days for the notification of the result of the inquiry.)

The committee inquired us about the core problem of Soka Gakkai which was revealed by the scandal of the youth executives in the community of our district. After the daily work, we worked with our computers until the midnight to make documents to submit to the audit committee. Then, they scheduled the day for the inquiry, and we thought the purpose of the inquiry is to hear our story based on the document we handed in. We expected that they listened to our story fairly without any bias and, we brought into the inquiry. They called us to come to the inquiry room one by one, and in my case, four executives, including a vice-president, took seats, facing to me. I was treated as if I were a criminal. Each inquiry began with our greetings. I squeezed out trembling voices. However, when I started to explain the issue in details, one of the executives interrupted and said” Here is not the place where we hear your story!” He added “We have just fired a central person who caused another scandal” Obviously, he threatened dismissal.
On the inquiry of another Soka Gakkai member, five enquirers, including even a vice president and a lawyer, faced to the Soka Gakkai member, and confirmed if he had connection with Ikeda sensei. As soon as they knew he did not, they accused him “It’s you that caused a problem, right?” He and we were shocked by the inquiry, which was conducted with bias and pre-determined conclusion.

On the day of the notification of the result of the disciplinary inquiry, Kodaira attempted to explain for their accurate understanding and right judgement, one of the inquirers said “We don’t hear any excuse.” “We are just asking if you have a will to sign. This is what the headquarter have concluded. “You don’t obey and sign, don’t you?” “That’s it. We judged that you don’t obey our conclusion””We understand” Also, they told us “Take it seriously” “We, the audit committee, have such authority. Understand?” “ If you deny our guidance, we have to impose sufficient punishment on you.” “ Get out of here”

To Takigawa they told “The notification of the result of inquiry means that it just depends on whether or not you accept the judgement we reached.” “To who you are complaining?” “what do you mean “please listen to our story”?” “Admit, in the first place!” “Here is not the place to hear your story” “We are just notifying you the result of the inquiry” Additionally, they said to Takigawa “If you keep going, you will make a faction and rebel against Soka Gakkai.”Takigawa answered “We will never do!” They told “You are rebelling right now” “We aren’t rebelling!” told Takigawa. “Understand. Then, just sign the written pledge.” Lastly, they concluded “If you don’t accept our guidance, you can’t be the members of Soka Gakkai, also. Considering it, then make up your last decision.”

The judgement of the audit committee was that we must sign and submit the letter of a written pledge which was approved by the president and other executives. The content of the letter of a written pledge was we must not bring up the problem again. We thought that the problem would be hidden forever, and it meant we would betray Ikeda sensei. Of course, we had an internal struggle to reach the decision not to obey the judgement of the official organization which the headquarter of Soka Gakkai belong to. Also, we knew if we did not sign, we would be punished or excommunicated from Soka Gakkai. Only anxieties we had.
It was toughest decision for each of us to make, and it required us for the strong determination to give our lives for our belief. Honestly, it was easy for us to sign. We felt like being released from the overwhelming pressure and being easy. However, the more we chant, the stronger our determination became not to turn a blind eye on the true nature of the inquiry: They slandered and threatened us severe disciplines and excommunication from Soka Gakkai, and forced us to sign the written pledge, with the core problem unresolved.

The core problem which the headquarter of Soka Gakkai had to solve has not been resolved yet, and has effects on our and the members’local districts as well. The inquiry was just superficial and I can say it took place with pre-determined judgement: They attempted to solve the problem merely by forcing us to sign and submit the written pledge of us” Signing up the written pledge means “ escape” from the problem we had encountered.

There is a Japanese saying "Seidaku Awase Nomu". (Sei means "good or holly" and daku means "evill or poison". Awase means "both". Nomu means "drink") The meaning of this saying is that we should be tolerant enough to accept (drink) both good and evil"
However, Ikeda sensei told us that this saying is not applicable in this faith we practice. We must not accept evil like injustice or corruption. If we do, our faith will be corrupted. (The guidance of Ikeda sensei)

Even though we were excommunicated from Soka Gakkai, fooled, and laughed at, we didn’t want to lie to ourselves and to Ikeda sensei. With inner struggle, we made up our mind not to sign the written pledge no matter how severe punishment we might receive.

There were 10 members who did not sign the written pledge on the spot of the notification.
After that, by the oppression to our community of the Soka Gakkai district, our family, and our working place, we were forced and signed the written pledge one by one.



The Three Former Soka Gakkai Staff

Author:The Three Former Soka Gakkai Staff
Shuichi Kodaira; graduated from Soka high school in March 1995
graduated from Soka University in March 1999
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 1999
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014

Kiyoshi Takigawa; graduated from Soka University in March 2000
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 2000
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014

Yusuke Noguch; graduated from Tokai University in March 2002
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 2002
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014


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