The Clean Government Party (New Komeito), Being Heavily Influenced by the Authority, Go Back to the Starting Point, “With the Populace!”

In January 27 2021, in an ordinary session of the Japanese Diet, a surprising question was put about a member of the Representatives, Kiyohiko Toyama, who was Executive Acting Secretary-General, belonged to The Clean Government Party, and used to work as a vice-Ministry of Finance. The question was related to an article that even under the circumstances of the Declaration of the State of Emergency, which was the second time to be made, Mr. Toyama had gone to an exclusive club in Ginza in Tokyo with his friend over 11 p.m (the State of emergency requires people living in designated areas such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba for refraining them from going outside when they do not have valid reasons, especially after 8 p.m. Eating and drinking in bars are particularly thought to be risky and highly likely to get affected by the Covid 19.) Under the state of Emergency, people living in Japan are called on to refrain from eating and drinking in restaurants or bars over 8 p.m and from going outside without any valid reasons. Without saying, a Diet member, who is an exemplar of the populace, has to follow it. Moreover, the prime minister and Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, which were the main power of the coalition ruling party, were severely criticized because they had dined in groups one after another, and it was broadcasted that they apologized for the reason. Hearing this, I could not believe my ears, but Executive Acting Secretary-General of the Clean Government Party (Kiyohiko Toyama), who played a role in the coalition ruling party, must have acted as an exemplar of people and had gone to the exclusive bar in Ginza over 11 p.m. Plus, “this exclusive bar” seemed to be closed, probably because it was called on to refrain from opening after 8 p.m. Even so, it was said that Mr. Toyama got into the bar by the back door of the building. If the bar was closed in order to receive benefit with the amount of 60000 yen per day, it might be underground business. When I saw the coverage, I could not believe my eyes. Is it true that a member of the Clean Government Party did such a thing? During the time when everyone refrains from doing so earnestly? Even to “the exclusive bar in Ginza?”
It definitely, definitely, should not be happened!

Due to the outbreak and prolonging expansion of the Covid 19, a number of people fell into dire poverty. Senior people who are willing to start the third stage of lives (after retirement) have to follow the regulation because they are called on to do so by the government. They have to refrain themselves from seeing their families and grandchildren. Some family and some single parent family cannot make their livings because of increasing expenditure, decreasing payment, and even being dismissed. Plus, regarding students in general, originally, during the time, they cultivate their characters and open up possibilities for them in the future. However, Covid 19 gets rid of their opportunities to talk with their friends in person and to study in groups, and they are regulated and have no choice but to connect with people “online.” There are students who lose their part-time jobs, cannot go back to their hometown, and lead lives of facing to their laptop computers or tablets alone. We cannot imagine how much they suffer under the circumstances.

Needless to say, Soka Gakkai members do not have any activities and have no choice but to hold “online discussion meetings,” which are inconvenient. Not only Soka Gakkai members but also all the people, say, the whole world are suffering. However, everyone continues to refrain themselves perseveringly in order not to put more burden on healthcare workers who struggle day in day out and on other people.
It was then that the diet member who belonged to the Clean Government Party behaved in such a disappointing way as if he had not felt how much people were suffering.

While the government called on people to refrain, they themselves have not followed the request they themselves made. This action, which was filled with the sense of superiority, was done by a person who was a diet member who belonged to the Clean Government Party and called himself a disciple of Ikeda sensei.

Moreover, it came to light that the the charge of the hostess bar and so on, 110000 yen in total, was included in the income and expenditure reports on political funds spent by Kiyohiko Toyama in 2019. Mr. Toyama returned the money included inappropriately in the report on the day and withdrew from the post in the Clean Government Party.

However, it is impossible to pretend the whole thing never happened. It is a shocking scandal.
Once, a Soka Gakkai member in Kanagawa said “Every Soka Gakkai district organization works in desperation in order to make a candidate in the six areas of Kanagawa, Kiyohiko Toyama, win the coming House of Representatives election. In discussion meetings, movies for demonstrating the achievement of Kiyohiko Toyama are shown for about 10 minutes, and leaders mentioned “Each person gained the benefit, 100000 yen, (from the government), thanks to the persevering effort of Kiyohiko Toyama, a former Senior Vice Minister of Finance.” The six electoral districts in Kanagawa are significantly important constituency in the nation, and the Clean Government Party lost the election by 3500 votes. The next coming election was the revenge to the election. Earnest Soka Gakkai members have struggled in desperation for winning the election, thinking that the victory of the Clean Government Party contribute to the Soka Gakkai and lead to the victory of Ikeda sensei, with the determination “the holy war (the activities for supporting the Clean Government Party) is our own struggle for human revolution.” The candidate of the significantly important electoral district himself messed up the effort of the Soka Gakkai members and trampled over their feelings. We have no choice but to call what he did betrayal to Ikeda sensei. How much seriously do Mr.Toyama and the Clean Government Party take the disappointment of the Soka Gakkai members who got to know the scandal? In addition, will the Soka Gakkai Headquarters, in other words, each Soka Gakkai district continue to tell members “Making a candidate in the six electoral districts in Kanagawa win an election and making Kiyohiko Toyama win an election are the struggle to respond to Ikeda sensei’s expectation” and stir them to work harder?

Back to when we were student division members, Kiyohiko Toyama was a person who a chapter leader in the student division encouraged to be a candidate of the House of Councilors, being backed up by the student division. We struggled to win the holy war in desperation in expectation that by sending a genuine disciple of Ikedsa sensei to the corrupt diet, furor would be created there. However, we cannot find such a figure. Instead after many years what we can find is a corrupt figure of a diet member who was heavily influenced by the authority.
“People in power will be corrupt. Much more, people in definite power will be.” (A politician in England, John Acton)

Our mentor, Ikeda sensei, declared

“Toda sensei foresaw everything.
(Toda sensei said) “The political realm is full of people who will make plots to make self-benefit. The political realm is controlled by the power, ambition, and political posturing. Those who do not forget the spirit of mine will achieve political innovation and will be fostered into great politicians who will devote to people. However, if they lose their mind and get to seek only for their interests, they will play roles in destroying the movement of propagating the Mythic Law. I suppose those who forget the original principle “For the sake of people” and only seek for their interest insanely, may show up someday. If such persons appear, you should rebuke them thoroughly!”
This was the spirit of our mentors. We must not turn a blind eye to the evil. You should talk much more. If you do not cry out, you will encounter retribution. (Daiksaku Ikeda, the Speech in the General Leaders Studying Meetings, the Seikyo Newspaper, August 25, 2005)

We say it aloud!! Rather, because we have encountered and seen the corruption of the Clean Government Party, we have to say it aloud!! That is the spirit of the three mentors of the Soka Gakkai!! Mr. Toyama, you have betrayed people who are suffering, Soka Gakkai members, and your supporters! Withdraw the position gracefully and start the faith from the scratch!! The Clean Government Party, you have to be awaken from the influence of the authority and return to the original principle, “Talk with people, fight with people, die for and among people!” Then, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters! A reason of the corruption of the Clean Government Party is the corruption of the Soka Gakkai Headquarters!! The Soka Gakkai Headquarters have protected a Soka Gakkai staff member who criticized and slandered Soka Gakkai members, saying “(They are) persons who created “the Dark Ages”” “(You are ) a monomaniac” “Because you are an idiot” “Your brain is abnormal.” We have to change the Soka Gakkai Headquarters!!
We will fight lifelong!!Even if rough waves of reality came in with great force, we will never stop fighting, no matter what will happen!!
My life was bestowed by Ikeda sensei. I will use it for Ikeda sensei and the Soka Gakkai. That is the eternally unchanging pledge we made!!

On February 1 2021, according to a news report, Mr. Toyama stated he would resign from a diet member and would not run for the next election. It is only natural to do so. In the wake of this scandal, not only Mr. Toyama but also the Clean Government Party and the Soka Gakkai Headquarters’ top leaders and their staff members should straighten themselves and should start the faith from the scratch!! They should learn the faith from Soka Gakkai members!!
Then, whatever position or ranks they have, if someone did something wrong, they should speak up against leaders and even the Soka Gakkai Headquarters, saying “It is wrong!!”
That is the struggle for turning back to “leaders for members” “the Soka Gakkai Headquarters for members,” which Ikeda sensei referred to, I am convinced.


Counter-Argument against the Anonymous Muckraking Document, “To Criticize Sharply Those Who Break Up the Unions” and the Truth 〜The Basic Contradiction on What the Soka Gakkai Headquarters Are Saying〜

In the autumn of 2019, the anonymous muckraking document, titled as “to Criticize Sharply Those Who Break Up the Unions”, whose publisher was unknown, was distributed in the organizations of the Soka Gakkai and was used as a studying material. In the document, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters criticized and slandered us again as the Soka Gakkai Headquarters had done repeatedly in the Soka Shinpo (a Soka Gakkai organizational newspaper.) We have implored to the Soka Gakkai top leaders including President Harada again and again so far, asking “Could you possibly listen to our side of the story once?” However, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters continued to slander us. The booklet named “To Criticize Sharply Those Who Break Up the Unions” was a booklet whose editor and editor were not written. Although the Soka Gakkai Headquarters are criticizing the book written by us, “Assertion against the Soka Gakkai under our own names.” They called it a kind of an anonymous muckraking document, but I cannot help feeling that their booklet itself is an anonymous muckraking document.

“To criticize and slander in anonymity”- from this, we cannot help feeling that the Soka Gakkai Headquarters had a sense of shame and guilty. If the Soka Gakkai Headquarters regard us as those who have distorted the order of the Soka Gakkai and have broken up the unity of the Soka Gakkai, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters should not hesitate to publish the booklet using the names of “the Soka Gakkai and the Seikyo Newspaper.” However, what the Soka Gakkai Headquarters do are that the Soka Gakkai Headquarters do not make clear who have published the booklet. Instead, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters try to escape from the responsibility. We cannot help feeling that these actions themselves will prove that the Soka Gakkai Headquarters recognized that they had fabricated the fact about their criticism and slander against us. The way which the Soka Gakkai Headquarters had taken was extremely dirty because the Soka Gakkai Headquarters did this just to engrave an image of traitors (among members) regardless of what the truth was. We or the Soka Gakkai Headquarters, which is opposed to the guidance of Ikeda sensei?-I am strongly determined that the truth will be disclosed for sure. Rather, we have to make the truth come to light.

In the previous blog, we have already counter-argued against the the Anonymous Muckraking Document, “To Criticize Sharply Those Who Break Up the Unions”, whose article was vague and unreliable, when it had been published in the Soka Shinpou. However, the content of the article was extremely malicious, so we summarized a part of our blog and will counter-argue again, adding explanation to the blog.

Counter-Argument against the Article “Apology from TV TOKYO(a broadcasting company) for the Biased Coverage (Page 4 to 5 of the Booklet)”
In the page of the booklet, it was written that the Soka Gakkai protested against the coverage of the TV TOKYO regarding the Soka Gakkai.

1. TV TOKYO broadcasted the coverage without interviewing the Soka Gakkai beforehand
2. The coverage emphasized the claim and actions of members who had been excommunicated from the Soka Gakkai in a one-sided way to engrave prejudices in viewers.
3. The scenes where members and Soka Gakkai staff members were recored in a sneaking way were broadcasted.

These are the referred reasons why the Soka Gakkai protested against TV TOKYO and are written in the booklet.

I am not sure about the way of TV TOKYO to make the coverage from interviewing to broadcasting it. However, I have to say that what the Soka Gakkai Headquarters are protesting implies that the Soka Gakkai Headquarters contradict to their opinions and actions.
In other words, the booklet named “To Criticize Sharply Those Who Break Up the Unions” was created in the way that the Soka Gakkai Headquarters had just copied the critic article published in the Soka Shinpou, and the Soka Gakkai Headquarters posted it on the booklet. Nevertheless, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters had not interviewed us beforehand. Moreover, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters insisted “we do not need to interview them” “when we write an article on the organizational newspaper, it is not necessary for us to interview you.” In this way, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters accepted that the article of the booklet originally published in the Soka Shinpou did not go through the process of interviewing and was just focused on the one-sided story, and the Soka Gakkai Headquarters created it to engrave prejudice against us.
In addition, when we held a silent protest, about 10 Soka Gakkai staff members not only came and interfered the silent protest, but also were recording us sneakingly and walked to the front of us and were recording us without hesitation. In this way, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters recorded us persistently. Of course, we told the staff members not to record us again and again, but the Soka Gakkai staff members did not stop doing it after all. The Soka Gakkai Headquarters are doing the same thing as the TV TOKYO, which the Soka Gakkai Headquarters are criticizing!

Ikeda sensei declared “the sense of jealousy attack one by getting him/her a bad reputation, or slandering him/her” This is what Leonardo da Vinci observed. Interestingly, the evil creates slander him/her to persecute. These slander is usually similar to what the evil actually have done behind the scene so far. Those who caused monetary scandals tend to spread rumor about monetary scandals. Also, those who caused scandals of men-and women relationship tend to fabricate scandals of men-and women relationship, and spread the relevant rumor. It is said that “crabs dig their own holes to live in accordance to their sizes. As this saying goes, their made-up story is also the representation of their own actions, wishes, thoughts, and life-condition. Additionally, the ways to respond to the rumor represent their own life-condition, clearly.”

I will declare again and again! The reason why I speak up and say “the Soka Gakkai Headquarters go in a wrong direction” is that I feel that the fundamental evilness, “no existence of dialogue” has rooted in the Soka Gakkai Headquarters being managed by the top leaders including President Harada! Because the Soka Gakkai Headquarters are formed by human beings, there are the difference of opinions, of viewpoint, and of the the ways of evaluation under certain circumstances. However, it is the third Soka Gakkai President, Ikeda sensei who transcended the difference with open dialogue and devoted himself to the world peace wholeheartedly! In spite, I do not feel such “spirit of dialogue” from the Soka Gakkai Headquarters at all.
However, I will not give up! I owe who I am to Ikeda sensei! So, now is the time to fight perseveringly for Ikeda sensei and my Soka Gakkai fellow members!
“If you were born in a kingdom ruled by a king, you would feel that you don’t feel free and were controlled by the king, but even in that case, your soul should not be.”
Even if your body was under control, the realm of your heart and your spirit has no limitation and boundary.
I will fulfill my mission to return the Soka Gakkai to where it should be no matter what!

*We are planning to counter-argue against the booklet, “To Criticize Sharply Those Who Break Up the Unions.”

President Harada, You Should Speak up against the Public Prosecutors Office Law -the Second Part-

These days, the worse amendment of the Public Prosecutors Office Law was criticized from the public, and the administration gave up passing it in the diet. Also, Hiromu Kurokawa, who was the the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor General, quitted the post due to “gambling on mahjong.” Additionally, Ministry of Justice gave Kurokawa “admonitory warning.” It was sudden turn of events as if the heavenly deities had prevented the insane amendment from being passed. However, what on earth was the New Komeito doing during the time?

On May 21 2020, Kitagawa, the leader of the New Komeito central executives, showed a feeling of discomfort to the scandal of Kurokawa gambling on mahjong. Kitagawa said “if the broadcasted news is true, it is extremely regrettable. Also, about the extension of the retirement age of Mr. Kurokawa, Kitagawa showed his viewpoint, saying “The Public Prosecutors office reported to the government about the necessity of a plan to prolong the age for retirement and about the interpretation of the Public Prosecutors Office Law. And the government accepted it.” “As far as prolonging the age for retirement, what is important is the judgement of the Public Prosecutors office rather than that of the government.” Kitagawa did not take it as his own business. Actually, Akabane, who was a member of the Diet from the New Komeito and a minister, was involved in making the cabinet decision on the change of the interpretation of the law, and approved of it on behalf of the New Komeito. Therefore, it is undoubtedly true that the New Komeito was responsible for this problem.

The New Komeito escaped from the responsibility for being engaged in the cabinet decision. As a matter of the fact, the New Komeito carries the favor for the Liberal Democratic party and is pressing “the gas pedal” not seeking for the truth. Why can we say that the New Komeito is playing a role of applying the brakes? What a disgraceful way of the New Komeito!

These days, in order to deal with the outbreak of the COVID-19, the government decided to provide the temporary welfare payment, 100 thousands yen to each citizen. According to broadcasted news, the New Komeito urged the Liberal Democratic party to realize the plan with the determination without fear that the New Komeito would be out of the ruling parties. Then, if the New Komeito still boasts that they play the role of braking the Liberal Democratic party, the New Komeito has to speak up in order to withdraw the worse amendment of the Public Prosecutors Office Law and to cancel the cabinet decision of extending the term of the prosecutor (Hiromu Kurokawa)! I think that if the New Komeito fights through against the current administration risking themselves even out of the ruling party and against the devilishness of the authority risking their lives, the world will have no one who suffers, definitely!

Soka Gakkai members are not afraid that the New Komeito will become out of the ruling parties! Soka Gakkai members do not fear that they will be oppressed by the authority! What Soka Gakkai members fear the most is that the Soka Gakkai will be under control of the authority and will lose the spirit of the Soka Gakkai and “the one of the mentor-and-the disciples!” Also, what Soka Gakkai members afraid the most is that the Soka Gakkai established by the three presidents with their-all-out struggle will be demolished by the Soka Gakkai Headquarters led by President Harada filled with the sense of self-protection and will be destroyed by the Soka Gakkai staff members! I want to say to the president Harada, who lost the spirit of the mentor-and the disciples! “Cry out to the New Komeito insistently “regardless of the risk of getting out of the ruling parties, with such strong determination, start to fight in order to withdraw the worse amendment of the Public Prosecutors Office Law and the cabinet decision made on January 31 2020!””

Our mentor said in the New Human Revolution as follows “It may be natural that citizens get disappointed and have distrust, seeing the the way the politics is; the parties care about only their own benefit and solve problems and pass the bills with power, which have trampled the parliamentary democracy. In addition, the politicians have forgotten the happiness of human beings and the most basic but the foremost important thing-humans. However, even so, if the citizens become indifferent to the politics and as a result became not vigilant to the politics, the politics will be much more corrupted. (The volume 4, the chapter of “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land”)

It is not too much to say that the future of Japan as well as the world depend on whether or not the Soka Gakkai Headquarters and the New Komeito will reveal a Buddha’s true status.
“The youth keep watch on the politics carefully!”
We must not allow this cry of Toda sensei to fade as time goes by! Let’s continue the struggle for the transformation of the Soka Gakkai together, perseveringly!

President Harada, You Should Speak up against the Public Prosecutors Office Law -the First Part-

“The youth has to watch the politics carefully!” This is the message that Toda sensei left to the Soka Gakkai youth division members, which is undoubtedly famous. Before the World War2, while the military regime prevailed over Japan, First President Makiguchi and Second President Toda passed away in prison, crying out “peace” till the end. After the war, our mentor, Ikeda sensei, the chief of the youth division of the time, was sent to the prison with false charge. Ikeda sensei was persecuted by the authority that was afraid of the expansion of the Soka Gakkai. The starting point of the Soka Gakkai and the struggle of the three presidents are coherent with all-out struggle against “the devilishness of the authority.” However, the Soka Gakkai Headquarters with President Harada at their head and the New Komeito (the political party being founded and supported by the Soka Gakkai), which the Soka Gakkai Headquarters had decided to continue to support, still have the fundamental spirit? I cannot help thinking that they do not have such spirit. Rather, they come close to the power and just play the role in accelerating the power of the authority, disguising themselves as acting as braking it.

Many countries implement policies to protect the lives of people and to assure their daily lives. During the time, in Japan, the ruling parties, which the New Komeito plays a part in, continue to implement policies which seemed to extremely ridicule their people. These days, amid such a chaos, they have tried to strengthen their power base in a dirty way, which is said to be “looting at a fire.”They are engaged in the change of the Public Prosecutors Office Law for worse. On March 13 2020, the amendment of the Public Prosecutors Office Law was passed in the diet. As a matter of the fact, the amendment was drafted to allow an exceptional case that the age for retirement of the Public Prosecutor General would be prolonged for the maximum of more three years. This exceptional case” means that if the Public Prosecutor General protects the administration and investigate to the advantage of the administration, the age for retirement of the Public Prosecutor General will be extended up to more three years. In contrast, the Public Prosecutor General does to their disadvantage, the age for retirement will not be extended or if even extended, will be no re-extension of the age for retirement. This amendment is considered to be stating this point . The aim of the amendment seemed that the administration tames the Public Prosecutor General with carrot and stick, and this amendment will function by “the devilishness of the power” defunctionalizing the “deterrent power of the public prosecutors.”

Originally, the root of the problem was that on January 31 2020 the administration passed the bill and decided that they prolonged the term of Tokyo High Public Prosecutor’s General, which Hiromu Kurokawa played the part in, for more a half year. Kurokawa was made a mock of as a guardian of the prime minister's office. Surprisingly, the prime minister's office looked into the personnel of the prosecutors in an obvious way who charge politicians with scandals. Moreover, although the Article 81-3 of the National Public Service Act had been interpreted as “inapplicable to the prosecutors” by the prime ministers in the history, the cabinet changed its interpretation as “being appreciable.” The law was created by the Diet, which is the legislative body, but the cabinet, the administrative body, made an unbelievable interpretation of the law and distorted it. This was the act of denying “the separation of the three powers, set by the Constitution of Japan,” which is the great violation. Even so, although the New Komeito took part in the ruling party, the New Komeito did not make an objection but approved of the change of the interpretation of the law. Additionally, the New Komeito showed an unbelievable attitude, criticizing the voice of objection against the law. On May 14 2020, regarding the extension of the age for the retirement of the prosecutors, being included in the amendment of the National Public Service Act, Kazuo Kitagwa, the chief of the central executives of the New Komeito, counter-argued against the growing criticism of the opposition political parties; “it is contradicted to the separation of the three powers.” Kitagawa stated straightforwardly “the prosecutors are categorized to ordinary national public servants, and what is not written in the Public Prosecutors Office Law is applicable to the National Public Service Act. The opinion of the contradiction to the separation of the three powers is not understandable.”
Laws have logic “a special law (the Public Prosecutors Office Law) takes precedence over a regular law (the National Public Service Act.) Needless to say, Kitagawa has a lawyer license, so there is no doubt that Kitagawa knows about the principles of law and the separation of the three powers. However, the prosecutors obviously have an unique aspect different to other ministries and government offices and monopolize the right for prosecution. Also, the prosecutors play a quasi-judicial role and are give power tom investigate political matters in some cases, so the guarantee of their status is officially recognized. Therefore, the cabinet has the appointment power for the Public Prosecutor General, but regarding the personnel of the executives, the historical prime ministers of Japan had respected the will of the Legal Affairs Bureau and the public prosecutors. In other words, the influence of the politics was excluded from the judiciary, and the autonomy of the management of the personnel of the public prosecutors had been maintained, and so had been the separation of the three powers. Nevertheless, it is unacceptable that Kitagawa insisted “what is not written in the Public Prosecutors Office Law is applied to the National Public Service Act,” and that the cabinet intervenes the personnel of the public prosecutors creating “a special rule,” and that the the administration changed the interpretation of the laws, just with the judgement of the cabinet.
In short, it is clear that the comment of Kitagawa “the public prosecutors are categorized to ordinary national public servants is deceptive logic.
Without the New Komeito observing the politics, rather Kitagawa deceives New Komeito members and Soka Gakkai members commenting a false opinion on purpose in order to pass the insane bill being put forward by the Liberal Democratic party and the New Komeito- These Kitagawa’s comments are easily understandable examples to prove that the New Komeito takes a part of “accelerating the misdoing of the administration.”

Moreover, Natsuo Yamaguchi, who was the leader of the New Komeito as well as a lawyer, commented in Twitter on May 12 2020; “We would like the government to explain in a comprehensible manner in order to communicate to the public the gist of the Public Prosecutors Office Law including the extension of the age for the retirement of the public prosecutors. The public prosecutors are ordinary national public servants. On the other hand, based on the role of the prosecutors in the judicial branch of government, we would like the government to perform their duty with clear explanations for the citizens to understand that the government plans to make it institutionalized.”

Many Twitter followers commented against his comment, saying “Explain about it as a member of the ruling party” “He does not care somebody’s business at all” “I will not support the New Komeito unless they are opposed to the Act.” Yamaguchi got his account flaming. That is natural. To tell the truth, the duty of the leader as a member of the ruling parties, regarding the insane policy of the Liberal Democratic party, has to be to have dialogue and to transform, but Yamaguchi takes it as someone’s business. Originally, the fundamental spirit of the Nichiren Buddhism is to think “to be bystanders is the worst evil.” However, we can find in his comment neither the sense of responsibility like “I have responsibility for this” nor “the spirit of the three presidents for fighting against the devilishness of the authority.” In the first place, the problem of the amendment of the Public Prosecutors Office Law for worse is something that the Soka Gakkai cannot turn blind eye on. This is because if the amendment is passed, it will become easier that the authority manipulates the public prosecutors and investigate any organizations arbitrarily. If ruling parties are born which consider the New Komeito a burden in the future, or if the New Komeito leaves the ruling parties, the authority will be afraid of the influence of the Soka Gakkai and will oppress the Soka Gakkai. In spite, the Soka Gakkai top leaders with President Harada at their head still keeps silent in the problem of the amendment of the Public Prosecutors Office Law for worse. It is as if the top leaders carry the favors of the administration in fear that the Soka Gakkai would be oppressed. Here is the way that they are influenced and even controlled by “the devilishness of the authority.” I want to say “President Harada! Have you forgotten the history of Makiguchi sensei passing away in the prison because of the oppression of the authority! the problem of the amendment of the Public Prosecutors Office Law for worse is not somebody’s business for the Soka Gakkai! The Soka Gakkai should speak up against it sternly without hiding behind (the authority)! Now is the time that the spirit of the three presidents who had fought risking their lives should be brought back, and the Soka Gakkai has to fight thoroughly up to the end!”

To be continued to “the Second Part of The President Harada, You Should Speak up against the Public Prosecutors Office Law”

The Report of the Silent Protest on February 23 2020 (the Last Part)

A silent protest which a single young women division member did alone- through which, “the flame of the courage” ignited “the flaming spirit” of my mother, Mitsuko Takigawa. Hearing from Mrs. A “I did a silent protest alone,” five days after that, my mother conducted a silent protest by herself in front of the cathedral of the Soka Gakkai Headquarters. The spirit of courage is contagious as the one of cowardliness. Only If there are a few who have courage with a single-mind determination, “the courage” of those people will influence many people.
(The quotes of the former President of Philippine Akino which was referred in the Speech o Ikeda sensei’s Expressing Gratitude to being bestowed the Honorary Doctor of Humanities by Southern Luzon State University)

In the mid-March, the sky of Shinano-machi was crystal clear. In the pocket around her breast , there was a picture of Ikeda sensei. On the street along the cathedral, many staff members came and went. It was when that the mother took a stand in front of the cathedral and held up two placards, which read “Do not punish members who speak up for the sake of the Gakkai!” “The Soka Gakkai Headquarters’ top leaders! Return to the spirit of the three Soka founders!”

In the heart of the mother, there always were comrades who were punished unfairly and unproperly. Seeing the dignified and determined figure of the mother like “I will save the comrades who were persecuted in an unfair way no matter what!”, many people stopped to read the message on the placards. According to the mother, a person even stopped one’s bicycle to read it.

In the middle of the silent protest, four Soka Gakkai staff members walked toward the mother from the second annex of the Soka Gakkai Headquarters. One of them used to be a junior staff member when I was a Soka Gakkai staff member, and he was the top leader in Kanagawa Soka Gakkai then. However, he just gave a swift look at the mother holding up the placard, and gave a tsk-tsk when he passed by. Hearing the sound, the mother thought “They read the placards for sure! The placards resonated emotionally with the staff members! But how cowardly he was to see and pass by just an elderly lady!” That is right. If they have questions or opinions to say, they just should have a talk to the mother directly. However, what they did was to ignore and gave a tsk-tsk without having dialogue. It is no denying that “the spirit of dialogue” “the heart of solidarity,” which are the foundation of the Soka Gakkai, are not found there. I cannot help feeling that they are tormented by the strong feelings of despising human beings and dividing each other. In that case, they are disqualified as Soka Gakkai staff members who have missions of Kosen-rufu(the propagation of the Mythic law.) During the silent protest, the mother chanted dainoku earnestly in her heart all the time. “Ikeda sensei! Watch over which is right, me or President Harada! I will fight in order to regain the spirit of Ikeda sensei!”

The mother, who was a Soka Gakkai member, have written as many as 24 letters so far. However, President Harada has never replied. Regardless of what reasons President Harada has, I think anybody can see how authoritative and cowardly he was from his ignoring the heart of one women division member who paid visits to the reception bureau to hand in 24 letters.

Then, after completing the silent protest, the mother talked to me, saying “uniting each other is virtue, and dividing is evil. As I swore to Ikeda sensei, I will never give up and cry out “wrong is wrong!” I will fulfill my mission!” I just would like to make a profound bow toward such a great mother. Then, “the courageous struggle” of the two ladies, Mrs. A and Mitsuko Takigawa, who had been standing even alone, began. The two ladies stood in completely contrast to the top leaders including President Harada and the New Komeito, who lost the spirit of “the mentor-and the disciples relationship” and went on the way of ingratitude and the traitors. More than 20 years has passed since the New Komeito joined the coalition ruling party formed by the Liberal Democratic party. The New Komeito enjoyed “the authoritative taste of the excellent sake” so much that it seemed that the New Komeito was enchanted and lost the fundamental spirit.

I wonder the example of this was the irresponsible attitude of the New Koemito toward “the Moritomo scandal,” turning a blind eye on the scandal, which was said to be involving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. On March 7 2020, Toshio Akagi (a senior worker in the National Property Office), who had worked for the Kinki Regional Finance Bureau in the Finance Ministry, took his own life due to “the Moritomo scandal.” Then, one of these days, his collection of notes and his suicide note were disclosed to the public. His autograph suicide note was written as follows: “Those who have lower posts were cut off. What a world. My hands were shivering. I’m scared. I put an end to life, the most precious life.” I suppose he must be so scared, so suffered. When we looked at the handwriting of the note, it felt that he wrote with shivering hand, gathering up all his strength. We reading the note further, it was disclosed in the note “to falsify the record of the official document was instructed by Sagawa, the director in the Regional Finance Bureau.” At that time, Sagawa insisted that he did not know, but actually it was all lie. Also, the note said vividly that despite Mr. Akagi took opposition, the record of the official documents was rewritten again and again, in the diet false answers were given repeatedly, and even the prosecutors did not start operation knowing what was going on. Anyone must have questions “What did Mr. Akagi want to let us know even by taking his own life?” “What was the true purpose of scarping and falsifying?” “Haven’t they done enough investigation and should they reinvestigate the issue?” Then, a survey conducted by a Weekly Magazine, indicated that 88% of the people answered “the re-investigation on the Moritomo scandal is necessary.” Therefore, it was natural that re-investigation be conducted. However, even though the opposition parties called on the administration to re-investigate, the coalition party including the New Komeito answered “everything necessary has been written on the report from the Finance Ministry” “I do not think the re-investigation is necessary.” Then, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe refused to re-investigate. I cannot help feeling what a cowardly answer Abe gave. The wife of the deceased husband pointed out clearly “Prime Minister Abe and the Finance Minister Aso are in the side of being investigated and they were not in the side of commenting “we do not re-investigate,” which is exactly right. Needless to say, it was not clear that Prime Minister Abe was involved in the issue directly. However, about the Moritomo scandal, he himself had commented (on February 17 2017) “if I or my wife was involved in the issue, I will resign from the Prime Minister and a member of the Diet.” It was undeniably true that since then the record of the official documents involving some politicians including Akie Abe has been “scarped and falsified.”
In other words, it is undeniable that because Abe commented “I will resign from the Prime Minister,” the bureaucrats received tangible and intangible pressure and as a result, they drifted into scraping and rewriting the record of the official documents. Basically, the cause of the Moritomo scandal, “the land sold with discount of 800 million yen to Moritomo Gakuen” was originally the possession of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and its Minister at that time was Keiichi Ishi, who was a member of the Diet who belonged to the New Komeito. When the scandal was brought up, it was even broadcasted that Minister Ishi played a part in “covering up the truth.”

In that case, it is natural that the New Komeito has responsibility for spearheading the disclosure of the truth!! I cannot help feeling that when the New Komeito has become a party which covers up the truth insistently, such a party has lost the meaning of existence. Therefore, I want to say “why is the New Komeito keeping their month shut even though due to the serious scandal there was a person who took his own life!! Once, members of the New Komeito used to go into the floor for accumulating excrement in a ship in order to seek for the truth and as a result disclose it!” (Daisake Ikeda, the New Human Revolution volume 9, Chapter “the Desire of the Commoners”) Where on earth has the spirit gone!”

The fundamental spirit of the New Komeito must be for good “Talking with commoners, fighting with commoners, and dying among commoners”! However, the present New Komeito not only cannot play an important role in “hearing a small voice” but carrying the favor of “the Abe Liberal Democratic party” and “Harada Soka Gakkai.” The New Komeito put sitting at the seat of authority before the lives of human beings. The New Komeito can ignore the cry of Mr. Akagi, who even took his life to tell us (the truth.) Then, it is President Harada who manipulates the New Komeito.

“When the body bends, so does the shadow.”

Amid the chaos of corona virus peril, there are no days that it does not occur to me that the lives of human beings, or every single person are utmost important. I want to say Harada Soka Gakkai and the New Komeito, which can scapegoat the life of a human in order to keep their authority- “this deviation of the Soka Gakkai is the root cause of the society, Japan, and even the world, putting the world under the chaos.

Ikeda sensei said clearly “In the future, if there are leaders who deviate from the fundamental principles, don’t allow them, definitely. Disciples who are revolutionaries and have the spirit of “many in body, one in mind”will fight bravely to the end to bring the Soka Gakkai back on the right path which the three founders established.” (the General Leaders’ Discussion Meeting on November 22 2006) Now is the time that we stand up with the guidance of Ikeda sensei in our hearts!” -the lion-like cry of Ikeda sensei “the great human revolution of a single person could bring a change of humankind” in our hearts! We will confront the top leaders including President Harada! “Return to the right spirit of the three Soka Gakkai founders!”


The Three Former Soka Gakkai Staff Members

Author:The Three Former Soka Gakkai Staff Members
Shuichi Kodaira; graduated from Soka high school in March 1995
graduated from Soka University in March 1999
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 1999
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014

Kiyoshi Takigawa; graduated from Soka University in March 2000
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 2000
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014

Yusuke Noguch; graduated from Tokai University in March 2002
started working for Soka Gakkai in April 2002
dismissed by Soka Gakkai in October 2012
excommunicated from Soka Gakkai in June 2014


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